Native News

Australian Wildlife Displays is keen to inform people about environmental issues that are impacting seriously on native Australian animals.

This time around we are spotlighting the terrible destruction being caused by the spread of Cane Toads.

The Cane Toad (Bufo marinus)

Cane Toads were introduced in the 1935 to help control the cane beetle, an agricultural pest, but instead the Toads themselves became a terrible threat to our native wildlife.

The toads now cover most of tropical north Australia from coastal Queensland to Katherine in the Northern Territory. Almost every animal that eats the toad, dies from poisons in the toad’s skin. This is wiping out a whole variety of native birds, lizards and snakes.

Funding for research into eradicating the toad is extremely limited and as a result, the onward march of the Cane Toad is one of the most urgent conservation issues currently facing Australia.

If you are concerned about Australian wildlife and want the spread of the Cane Toad stopped, contact your local MP or email the Federal Minister for the Environment to express your concern and ask for more to be done to erradicate this terrible pest.