Preschool, Kindergarten and Childcare Centre Incursions

We have 3 captivating education programs


Are the children fascinated with crocodile and lizards?

Then the Something Wild! incursion is for them.

Featuring such animals as Snappy the Crocodile, Blossom the Possum and Princess the Python, the Something Wild! show is a great way to introduce kids to our wonderful wildlife.

The children will get up close and even interact with a wide range of native Australian animals, touching a range of animals with totally different textures.


Do the children love exploring outside for bugs?

Then the Bugs Business! incursion is for them.

This program incorporates a range of native invertebrates. This includes stick insects, litter bugs, scorpions and spiders. The children will learn about the bugs, bugs in the backyard and interact with them (except for a couple!)


Let us bring the ocean to the children!

The Rock Pool Explore! program does just that plus more.

‘Rock Pool Explore’ is where the rock pool environment and creatures visit the kids. The children will meet and touch a range of rock pool creatures in the rock pools. They will develop an understanding for the beach and ocean, and its creatures.

Yes this incursion involves sea water!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How early do you arrive to set up?
We have very little to set up, so only arrive 5-10min before our scheduled start time

Can we have the incursion inside?
Yes definitely. As we primarily hold and carry the animals, they are not running around making a mess on the floor.
The rock pool program does involve sea water, so either outside or inside wet areas are best.

Can we move the animals between the different rooms?
Yes, the animals some in about 6 small sized boxes so it very easy to move between rooms. A helper to carry a couple of boxes is always appreciated
The rock pool program is best if done in the same spot

Do you offer a discount for booking all 3 shows?
Yes we do! We offer a discount if you book 2 shows and an even bigger discount if you book 3 shows, even if they are of the same program

Can we get an invoice?
An invoice is normally emailed after the incursion, prepayment is not required. If you would like prepay just ask.

How much deposit is required?
No deposit is required to make a booking

Can I pay with credit card?
Sorry, at the moment we do not have credit card facilities. Payment is either bank transfer, cheque or cash on the day.